CD-DVD Diagnostic


A program that allows you to recover data from damaged CDs or DVDs



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You probably already know that your CDs or DVDs won't last forever and that the passage of time can damage them the same way just as a lot of other supports. As a consequence, the data, photographs, music or documents you saved on those disks can suffer a loss that would be difficult to recover without a program like CD/DVD Diagnostic.

CD/DVD Diagnostic is an application that scans CDs and DVDs and allows you to recover the content of the disks even if they are physically damaged. The program works with various usual formats (ISO, UDF, HFS, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, etc.) and allows you to recover the damaged files in various sessions so you can do it when the equipment is free.

CD/DVD Diagnostic offers various ways to recover the files depending if they are damaged or not (you can also make safety copies) and even includes some minor diagnostic tools that can help you to analyze the trustworthiness of a disk before saving something on it. In short, an interesting program for those who often use their recorder.

Compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows Vista.


20 day trial period. It doesn't allow you to copy the content of the CDs or DVDs to the hard disk.

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